India, poised on the threshold of becoming a superpower, is in a need of strong citizens with the ability to hold the helm and steer the nation towards a brighter tomorrow. Those with this ability and the will to lead are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Entrepreneurship Cell, PSCMRCET, hopes to play its part in realizing this vision. We at ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT CELL-PSCMRCET believe that original and innovative ideas, having the potential to change the industry by creating value, are formed in young minds. Molding these ideas into successful ventures and tapping the entrepreneurial talent of such young minds stands as the prime motive for us. We try to provide adequate resources, an extensive network, and all kinds of support along with the appropriate platform for aspiring young entrepreneurs to hone their ideas.


  1. One room for the e-cell to discuss the activities.
  2. Notice boards are available to both sides of the room for pasting/keeping circulars, updating the event photos, press clippings, year planners, etc.,
  3. Posters of vision and mission on the wall of the room.
  4. Having a good number of chairs and space to discuss/conduct the committee meetings.
  5. Computer and printer with network facilities

The prime focus of this cell is to develop a sustained platform that supports students of PSCMRCET in starting up; showcasing their skill and structuring their thoughts in the less explored field of entrepreneurship & thereby realizing their ideas and converting them to reality.