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    Based on the foregoing, one wonders why Nigeria’s economic nationalism should be viewed differently by the same West.

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    To achieve the feat, the Buhari administration has not dumped
    globalisation agenda in its entirety, rather it only focused on striking a balance between economic nationalism and globalisation. This
    has been done by simply allowing the free inflow of goods that are indispensable based on the fact that they are not produced in the country, while
    restrictions are placed on luxury items that starve and weaken local entrepreneurship
    and production.

    Nigeria spent $2.4 billion on the importation of rice between 2012
    and 2015. When the present administration came into office it delisted rice from the government’s foreign exchange window.
    The decision has saved Nigeria about $5 million daily.

    By the end of 2017, a total ban on the importation of rice would be effected.

    Government action on rice has already boosted local production such that farmers
    would be in a position to satisfy local demand by
    the time importation of the commodity is struck out of
    the import list. It is a win-win situation because the consumption of local rice is fast
    becoming the norm, while the local producers are smiling to the banks.

    Apart from rice, the Buhari administration also placed a moratorium on the
    provision of Foreign Exchange by the Central Bank for the importation of 41
    items. These items ranged from cement, palm
    oil, meat, furniture, toothpicks, soaps and cosmetics, tomatoes, tomato paste to textiles.

    The items made the prohibition list because the raw materials for
    their production and even the finished products are readily available in the local
    markets. Like the experience in rice, local producers
    of the items have sprouted across the country and they are in business.

    For Nigeria’s fledgling industries and manufacturing sector to grow,
    an environment for their success must be created by closing the borders to stop the importation of foreign alternatives.

    The imposition of higher tariff on imported automobiles is
    beginning to yield dividends as more automobile assembling plants have started investing in Nigeria.
    So far, 22 automobile companies including Honda, TATA and Toyota are
    on the list of such companies.
    The revival and rehabilitation of local refineries and the
    construction of new ones through private initiatives have given the government
    to confidence to announce a plan to stop the importation of fuel in 2019 when the
    refineries are expected to produce at full capacity.

    In summary, economic nationalism, coupled with protectionism is needed for Nigeria’s industrial and economic growth.
    The nation requires some break from globalisation in order to put its
    acts together and look inwards to identify areas of comparative advantage in the production of goods
    and provision of services.

    If this is not done, Nigeria will remain a perpetual consuming nation, while targets set to attain the status of a producing nation or economically independent
    country will continue to be a mirage.

    Globalisation is a blessing and a curse. For Nigeria, the realisation that there must be a
    balance between economic nationalism and globalisation remains the way to go.
    Based on the premise, globalisation is the hope for tomorrow even though it
    is by application, the curse of today for Nigeria.

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